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A new take on a very familiar kids snack. Pop-rocks, yes, the children friendly version of crack for kids. Hey, I am not one to judge what parents buy for their children so dont judge me. So I jumped at a chance to design this product, it sounded like fun.


I was hired initially just to create the packaging. However, that morphed into character design, copy and inventing the name of the WHOLE COMPANY!!! I thought "4yoreelves" sounded "elf-like" and the company agreed. What they had before was good, but I was giving them something EPIC. I felt so good, my ideas validated. Part of me felt so good by executing such a design and the other part of me was happy that kids would get a cute and well designed "pop rocks" bag, the market place was lacking way too long. Don't you agree?


So next time your child asks you for a package of this "kinder krack" that you can get on Amazon, I am to blame. 

- your happy neighborhood "candy"dealer

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