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About Michael Eric Weinreb (AKA: Menachem)

Hi! How are you doing? Thank you for taking the time out to come to my site.
Really! I appreciate every visit.

I know, it's a crazy world so who has time for anything? Being the Creative Director for a weekly magazine for the last 12 yrs , I know about the elusive nature of time. The way it can just pass through and even over you so that you have no idea how the end of the day and the week even got here.

But something about design, the creative process keeps me going, pushing me to try to stretch time and fit in more of what I love. Do you feel the same way about launching your passion project? 

I thought so...

So let's find time for your design.

Time to find your voice.

Time to think together to work out your dream to make the world a more creative place, a better place filled with light and happiness and goodness (insert music here). Ahem. I hope you'll forgive me for my enthusiasm. It does lead to some really awesome design ideas, though.

Now I can't read your mind so you gotta contact me. (I'm creative, not psychic). Let me know what you hope to accomplish. I'd be honored to create the design that helps make your vision into a reality.

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