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The cover of a weekly magazine has to contain a lot of power, instant appeal, and perfectly convey the contents found within its pages. No small feat for just one page. You only get one chance to make the impression that either says, "Buy me" or "Nah, not my thing." You like pressure? Well, you would LOOOOVVEE being responsible for the cover each and every week. My own love-hate relationship with this pressure is characteristic of the typical creative type. 

Bottom line: I need the cover as much as it needs me. There is nothing exactly comparable to the heady rush of that first glance. Did it cut it? I'm no angel, so learning from mistakes is not the same high as, "YES!!! This is it!" Those covers where I've managed to give graphic expression to the editors' vision for that week's magazine bring sweet satisfaction, maybe even a bit of inflated ego. I guess the come-back-to-earth-ouch is necessary for balance for those other weeks. 

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